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We can handle everything - complex business, mobile, game, web applications and present perfect result at the end," Dmitry Starostenkov, CEO
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About Us

Web Development

You have a fine business idea to launch on the Web 2.0 application market. But are you ready to face the fact that things you really would like to have, take about 20% of your budget only?

The remaining part will be consumed by things that you need even if you don't expect this:

  • Lot of standard social/collaboration features like blogs, forums, videos, photos, etc
  • Effective administrative capabilities, including statistics, content control, audit and blacklists
  • Keeping the balance between the performance and running costs for hosting platforms
  • Continuously improving the application by new features to keep the audience interested

Bundled together they leave no room for finest details of your idea. Risks not to hit the target audience grow tremendously.


That's where you need our web software development service. Free more time for features you like (up to 80%) and still have all things you need!

Backed up by the mature software platform and large business experience it gives you:

  • Insightful client communication and high-experienced staff
  • The effective development process covering the entire application lifecycle
  • Proven web technological platform with 100% customizability according to client wishes
  • All common social features/collaboration tools with no additional timeline
  • Powerful and scalable architecture backed up by the unique application support platform - scalable from cheap single-host systems to large production clusters
  • Technology is chosen according to your needs – Java, PHP and others


Afisha Media Holding

We can only cheer Enterra team for a professional responsibility that is so rare to be found nowadays, for thoroughness, operativeness, client-oriented business and attention to the tiniest details.

By Dmitry Stepanov, CEO

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