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Silverlight Development

Microsoft Silverlight provides functionalities for creating engaging user experiences for Web, desktop, and cell phone applications. It is one of the most suitable platforms that deliver cross-platform and cross-browser rich media applications

Our Advantages - Your Benefits

  Close relationship with Microsoft as a respected development firm
 GOLD Certified Microsoft Partner status since 2006 year
 9 years of experience in .NET projects development
 Extensive experience in Silverlight development
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They are excellent coders. They accomplished tasks that no other coders I found can do. If you need further information, feel free to contact me. You are in very good hands with Enterra, and you can trust them to stand by their work, and they'll definitely be there in the future as well.

Gregory Gibbons | Radius Inc.

Enterra was always responsive to any questions or concerns that I had throughout my project. They have an incredibly knowledgeable group of developers. They completed their work on time and, if when there was the potential for a delay, they notified me well in advance.

Rock Blancos | Atlas Travel International

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What Silverlight development services do you provide?

  • Enhancement of .NET applications;
  • Development of a complete Silverlight project;
  • Silverlight components development;
  • Consulting Silverlight services;
  • Professional QA services;
  • Maintenance and technical support.

What Silverlight development services do you provide?

Our Silverlight developer Team has experience using the following technologies/patterns/libraries in Silverlight applications: the Model-View-ViewModel / Model-View-Presenter patterns, composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight (Prism), unity Application Block, the Silverlight Toolkit; IdeaBlade DevForce Silverlight; Perpetuum Software Silverlight Viewer for Reporting Services; WCF RIA Services; SharePoint 2010 Object Model for Silverlight

What are projects you developed together with Perpetuum Software?

We meet a lack of built-in components to work with reports. Silverlight Viewer for Reporting Services gives an option of viewing the Reporting Services reports in Silverlight applications. It can be used in applications directly on the html pages and in the out-of-browser mode. Report Sharp Shooter for Silverlight has extended options for delivering clear reports via the Internet without any need of additional application install. See more Silverlight case studies on the right.


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