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Security and Intellectual Property Protection

We regard high level of security as an essential part of what we offer. We deeply respect our customer's intellectual property rights and business data. We at Enterra, Inc take all the necessary steps to provide protection of everything we offer to our Clients.

We understand that trust is vital for successful business and establishing long-term relationships, so we guarantee all our Clients that no intellectual property leakage and/or security problems will arise under any circumstances. Our security and intellectual property include the following:

  • We sign an Non-Disclose Agreement before business sensitive information exchange to provide the maximal level of information security and confidentiality.
  • Each employee signs a Proprietary Information Agreement as well as and individual Non-Disclose Agreement at the moment the employee joins the company.
  • The disclosure of proprietary information directly or indirectly to a person not involved in the project along with usage, copying, publishing, summarizing and/or moving this information out of the company's premises is strictly prohibited.
  • The employees are not allowed to use any of their knowledge in the way that may lead to unfair competition upon termination of their employment.
  • Unauthorized access to the network resources is prevented via Security Firewalls.
  • Only authorized personnel is restricted to access important files and directories and access to the VPN/VLAN/VNC.
  • We use dedicated resources for each project to enable prevention of unauthorized access to the Client's proprietary information.
  • Access restrictions are applied to every employee letting enter only to specific areas.
  • Fire protection is organized according to the regulations and requirements, all the necessary facilities can be easily accessed in case of fire alarm.
  • The whole territory of the office is a non-smoking area.
  • Workstations and servers are SPAM- and virus-protected in real-time mode.
  • Important infrastructure elements can be quickly replaced in case of malfunction to minimize system downtime.
  • We provide Virtual Private Network Access to Client's server. This ensures that only authorized personnel may access the network and data cannot be intercepted.


Please discuss the specifics of your IP protection with our manager in your contract. Information on this website is available according to our Privacy Policy.



Rambler Internet Holding

Our company is grateful to the Enterra Team for developing Rambler-News iPhone application. On each interaction stage- starting from the consultations and technical specification preparing to ready product testing – they were highly professional and creative. It was very comfortable and easy to comm...

By Pavel Rogozhin, deputy CEO on product development

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