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Sapper - Conventional MineSweeper sequel and an enthralling logic game

Sapper - Conventional MineSweeper sequel and an enthralling logic game

The conventional MineSweeper sequel and an enthralling logic game. Most interesting is the game breakdown into 36 various levels. To win the game a player has to pass through each of the levels.

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Sapper is a logical game based on the idea of widely-known MineSweeper. During the game you will have to clear a series of sophisticated minefields. Start-up levels are relatively simple gradually gaining in difficulty. When passing a field you will be given a password for the next level providing you with access to it at any moment you want to replay the game or start with this particular level. To pass all 36 levels you have to be a skillful logician. Give it a try!

Rules description:

You will have to de-mine a chain of mine fields.

On each field you will have to open all free cells and flag all the mines. Use left mouse button to open a cell. Use right mouse button to flag a mined cell. Should you happen to open a mined cell - you will explode.

Numbers (1-8) in an open cell indicate a number of mines in neighboring cells. If mines around a numbered cell are correctly flagged, a click on it will set all the rest of the cells cleared automatically. But you will explode if the flags are set incorrectly.


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