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Developing a powerful social network or community requires not only decision on the technology, but also thorough study of business goals, the market and target customers.

We provide a variety of efficient solutions for sharing interests and social interaction: Commerce/ B2B/ B2C social websites, Corporate/ Business social networks, Community portals and more. We have experience developing online network platforms for different purposes: educational, business, entertainment, etc.

Online Social Networks and Communities developed by Enterra have many features like registration, friends invite, video and music upload from YouTube, MySpace, news feeds, tagging, commenting systems, file management, integrating with 3rd party applications using APIs, etc. We develop a wide number of plug-ins and add-ons like ads management, chat, payment gateway, Flash effects, games, polls, ratings and reviews, etc.

We give your site a state-of-the-art look and feel with all the functionality you wish. We focus our energy, talent and skills towards meeting the specific requirements and objectives of our Customers. The solutions we provide are 100% tailored to fit customer business needs.

The electronic educational business is a huge market area with myriads of approaches and providers. Majority of market directions here are well explored and have established solutions and market leaders.

But despite the fact the market is explored quite well the latest tendencies open new opportunities for e-learning, and the most interesting one is a social network-driven education.

More... is a service which provides the user with ability to create personal portals. When creating the portal the user has an ability to select what components (phpBB, Wordpress, MediaWiki, Gallery) will be included into his portal. User can create a portal in a simple way using portal installation wizard.


Instant Jury is a website that allows emulating judicial proceedings between users.


HOA Agent is a website that allows users to connect residents and create custom social networks for the community.


Bridgit is a type of widget that the user can create, customize and share with other people by embedding it into Facebook or MySpace profiles or show on any web page.

The user is able to set the size and background (image or solid color) of the widget, set styles for link and multimedia boxes (border color, background etc).

Also, the user is able to add links to any URL and include different types of multimedia. More...

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