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The second Hackathon was held in Barnaul

The second Hackathon, sponsored by the Innovation Support Association, which one of the founders Enterra is, took place on 25-27 November.

The participants of this forum once again proved that it is not a myth to transform the idea to the working prototype for 48 hours.

For two days 50 programmers, designers, project managers, and marketing specialists from Barnaul and Biysk have been working on their IT-projects aimed to solve actual problems.

At the beginning, 13 ideas were announced, but not all of them came to the end: some teams combined, some radically changed their ideas, and some just joined the other projects. As a result, eight projects had presented the jury and the spectators.

Successful entrepreneurs and leaders of the IT-companies helped participants to implement the ideas. On numerous sessions and checkpoints, they assessed the projects, gave recommendations, how they can be improved, and answered questions.

Finally, the participants presented their projects in the demo fest, perhaps, the most fabulous event of the Hackathon. The experts chose the most promising, to their opinion, projects, which can achieve a real success in the future.


Black Chicken Studios

Enterra has worked with my company for the past year on a design of high complexity and difficulty. This design represented a new challenge for them, as it was a new type of application given their experience.
They responded to our requirements with enthusiasm, expertise and, most importantly...

By Larry Sawh, President

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