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New casual game for iPhone and iPad

The game is approved by Apple and available in AppStore

Splash! is a multi-touch game which for sure takes a special place in iPhone and iPad devices of everyone who starts playing it despite their age. Very low learning curve makes it more addictive.

Maneuver your ball on the screen to avoid it from getting colored by bumping into other balls. Game features: unlimited number of levels (balls increase speed), option to resume game from any moment, top-score tracking (including posting best score to the social network).

Feel free to write us with any Splash!-related questions.


Downunder Geo Solutions

Of the 12 entrants, only 3 were able to produce something in the alotted time. It is to you three I address this email. It was not an easy problem and if I were on your end I think I would have felt just a touch intimidated (and excited of course) by the requirements. I wish I could give you all the...

By Tim de Boer, IT Lead

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