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Let us Play Smart

We have created online intellectual table games for Mindsports Academy: Chess, Go and Scrabble.

Mindsports Academy is an international project that helps to study intellectual table games and to organize online table games tournaments. On the main website, users play Scrabble and Chess versus other players or the computer and Go versus other players.

The project has a multilingual interface, and four languages are available: English, Spanish, French, and Catalan.

A separate project’s branch Mindsports Education contributes to these games’ studying. With it you may master Chess or Scrabble, create a school team and organize interschool championships.

Learn more on the website:


Koepfe GmbH

We work with Enterra for almost two years in developing a totally new CMS framework and programming extensions for our old existing CMS. The conditions for us were like as being a start-up, because it was totally new for us to do programming offshore and it was the first time for us to develop a big...

By Jurgen Franke

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