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Harvest: how to grow an IT business in 2.5 days

We are helping to organize the first working weekend for IT startups in Barnaul on September 29 - October 1.

The Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF) and the Innovation Support Association (ISA), co-founded by Enterra, for the first time in Barnaul are running Harvest, the working weekend, where the startups can grow to the successful competitive IT business in 2.5 days.

This event is suitable for almost mature IT projects, already delivering the first results. To take part in the Harvest, the project should have a prototype, initial sales volume or a minimum viable product (MVP).

The representatives of the Internet Initiatives Development Fund and local successful IT entrepreneurs will help participants to work on their projects. The educational program of the Harvest, built on the experience of work with more than 15 000 startups, includes three master-classes, four workshops, and intensive practice.

At the master classes, experts will discuss how to choose the right target audience and to understand its motivation to buy, how to sell the product, how the venture market works and why many startups, despite all the efforts and the aspirations of the creators, still die.

The participants will have an immediate chance try to determine their target audience, to carry out a competitive analysis, to assess the market potential and, of course, to introduce their product to the public in the final. At the end of each day, they will get homework, aimed to eliminate the project's weaknesses.

The working weekend is expected to gather about a hundred of IT startups representatives. The most prospective projects of the Harvest will be invited in the three-month program with 2.1 million rubles investments on-site of Acceleration IIDF or in the two-month online program at Acceleration IIDF.


Downunder Geo Solutions

Of the 12 entrants, only 3 were able to produce something in the alotted time. It is to you three I address this email. It was not an easy problem and if I were on your end I think I would have felt just a touch intimidated (and excited of course) by the requirements. I wish I could give you all the...

By Tim de Boer, IT Lead

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