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Downunder Geo Solutions

Of the 12 entrants, only 3 were able to produce something in the alotted time. It is to you three I address this email. It was not an easy problem and if I were on your end I think I would have felt just a touch intimidated (and excited of course) by the requirements. I wish I could give you all the prize money but unfortunately "there can be only 1".
Enterra team! Well done! You've won both the qualitative and quantitative prizes.
The performance of your implementation is quite astounding and way exceeds what I was expecting in the short term. From the short look I've had at the code your oo/java skills are right up there. The implementation is a "little" light on comments (ie none that i saw) but I'm quite gobsmacked by the work of whomever you had coding this. They really are quite a talent.
I believe this is the best fit for the partners we were looking for (and got I'm happy to say) - smart but unfortunately cut off from our main streams of communication. I look forward to a great relationship with you.
Once again, thanks for all your efforts.


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