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Koepfe GmbH

We work with Enterra for almost two years in developing a totally new CMS framework and programming extensions for our old existing CMS. The conditions for us were like as being a start-up, because it was totally new for us to do programming offshore and it was the first time for us to develop a big CMS system. The following what I have to say is all based on our experience on the field of CMS-development. We have no experiences with Enterra on other fields.
Our experience is: Enterra is a professional partner for offshore programming. We thought in the beginning of the project it might be a big adventure and perhaps high risk to go this way, but Enterra surprised us with serious management, perfect teamwork and at least high programming quality.
You know Cheop´s Law: All Projects are taking more time than planned. This experience we made with Enterra only once a time with our first little project and the delay was caused by frictions on both sides not knowing exactly the working process of each other. The other projects were all finished as scheduled; even our last project - programming a web client - was finished four weeks earlier as planned.
Until know we spend only little extra budgets for extra work. If you make a detailed specification, Enterra tells you the costs and these costs will be billed. They are not trying to get extra work by means of "oh, sorry our calculation was wrong, we need further 500 hours" and so on.
For sure, we would hire Enterra again, because until now we were fully satisfied with their work.
At least my most important advice to you concerning to offshore programming: the programmers offshore are only as good as your project manager at home. You need a really good man, a sort of alter ego with very good programming skills at your home base; this is the key to success.


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