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twago - outsourcing marketplace

twago is a global platform created to provide high quality services for outsourcing (processes outsourcing) and offshoring (relocation of processes abroad).

twago facilitates team work. Companies, self-employed people and individuals work together with service providers in a virtual team. The main advantages of the online cooperation are cost savings and increased flexibility, while maintaining quality.

twago helps businesses and self-employed people to decrease their costs significantly. This comes from the transparency of the bidding phase and the associated savings as well as from externalizing non-core work to countries with lower costs.

Companies that use twago can finish the cooperation with a service provider if the services are no longer needed, which is an increased flexibility in working relationships. Workload fluctuations are easier to handle - using twago you avoid recruitments for new staff and layoffs of permanent employees.

The user group of twago is complex. Presently, it includes: small and medium companies, law firms, entrepreneurs, self-employed, associations, NGOs, individuals.

twago provides standardized tools, to obtain perfect project results:

  • post jobs or projects
  • get offers
  • choose the best provider
  • monitor the project
  • get the deliverables
  • pay safely online

Additionally, twago promotes communication, cooperation and feedback between the client and the service providers.

  • twago helps the clients to write a compelling description for the jobs and projects
  • Offers the service providers the possibility to test their skills and present their portfolio to potential clients
  • All communications should be held through the twago messaging center, so any disagreement between the customer and the service provider could be mediated and solved
  • The client and service provider define the milestones together - what exactly is to be completed, by when, according to which quality indicators
  • Detailed project status reports allow the clients to have an accurate overview of the progress at any time, helping them to evaluate the results at a certain date and calculate possible risks
  • The service providers are paid by the clients through Trust twago - a service available for customers from Germany and Austria (using escrow). Trust twago is a safe and simple payment method, which facilitates the payment process between customers and service providers
  • The transparent feedback system with multiple criteria, allows subsequent clients to know the opinions of previous clients about the services of a particular provider

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