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Sports Monitor

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There is a huge number of sites in the Internet that accept bets on sports events in leagues like NBA, CBA, NFL, CFB, MLB and NHL. However to win guessing on the game results is hard enough therefore it is necessary to spend a lot of time to learn teams' strengths and weaknesses, track leading players stats, view reports on traumas and many others for a successful game.

The site project gives visitors an opportunity to receive future games results forecasted by professionals - handicappers (cappers) who perform all dirty work and always are up on sports events. Several handicappers work on the site and each of them specializes in a certain kind of sports, in a certain league or association.

The forecasts are carried out in the form of bids imported to the site, therefore it is easy enough to use cappers' forecasts for the site users as real stakes do not differ (or differ just a bit) from the bids posted by the cappers.

The project is a commercial resource and cappers' forecasts are not free-of-charge. The user can buy a day or a week subscription to cappers' forecasts. If the user wishes to receive several cappers' forecasts he needs to buy a subscription to each of them separately. Also an opportunity to subscribe to a specific game was introduced recently.

There are free-of-charge forecasts except paid subscription submitted for some games by the handicappers every week.

Naturally, the user should have an opportunity to estimate cappers productivity before buying a subscription to his forecasts. Therefore, results of all cappers forecasts become accessible to all users 1 hour after the game has begun. While they are accessible before the game started only to subscribed.

The subscription payments are made either by credit cards or using PayPal payment system.


The web application is written using ASP.NET technology and the programming language C#. The library .Net Framework 1.1 version was used. The Database runs on MS SQL Server 2000 and ADO.NET technology has been used for interaction with it. Internet Explorer and Mozilla FireFox browsers are supported.

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