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Sea Battle: Confrontation

“Sea Battle: Confrontation” is a classic Battleship guessing game extended with ability to play via Wi-Fi/Bluetooth network, single-user mode, using S Pen or finger for gameplay management, ships auto-placing, the Hall of Fame, stunning sounds and additional weapons.


  • search for opponents around and the ability to play via Wi-Fi/Bluetooth channels;
  • playing game with a virtual opponent in the single-user mode;
  • handsome exercise book design;
  • ability to draw ships manually by cells outlining or drawing simple line;
  • ships auto-placing;
  • using S Pen or finger for gameplay management;
  • stunning surroundings and sound;
  • the Hall of Fame for achievements;
  • additional weapons – radar, airstrike, mine.

About additional weapons

The radar allows player to see the opponent’s battleground for few seconds. The move remains for player who has used a radar.

The airstrike allows player to select area on the opponent’s map for airstrike. If there was no hit, the move is goes to the opponent. Otherwise the move remains for player.

The mine is set by player during the placement of ships. For mine the rules of one-decked ship placement are applied. When hitting the enemy’s mine one of your ships is hit (one cell). The mine is considered as triggered. The move goes to the player – the owner of mine.

The game is developed according to an exclusive agreement with Samsung company and is available only in Samsung Apps Store. You can download the game by this link.



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