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Script Editor

Admin Script Editor (ASE) is an Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) which goes far beyond simple script editing. With Admin Script Editor, user can easily generate script code using powerful wizards, access intuitive help at every turn, package scripts for deployment and the list goes on.

Admin Script Editor is software that provides everything the average network administrator needs to accomplish writing scripts. There are a few utilities in ASE.

ADSI Wizard, DB Wizard and XML Wizard are included in the Admin Script Editor.

ADSI Wizard is a simple wizard for the generation of complex ADSI code. User is able to browse Active Directory and select any computer, user or group. Then user has an ability to select the properties he/she wishes to query or update. More customization is optionally configured in the "settings" page.

ADSI Wizard allows generating results in PowerShell, VBScript, KiXtart, or AutoIt.

DB Wizard is a simple tool for the generation of complex Database code. User is able to connect to any ODBC data source (Access, SQL, etc.) and select any table or view with which he/she wants to work. Then user has an ability to select the fields he/she wishes to query, update or add. More customization is offered in the "settings" page.

DB Wizard allows generating results in PowerShell, VBScript, KiXtart, or AutoIt.

The XML Wizard helps user to easily generate code for retrieving data from XML files using a simple tree view to select the data user wishes to retrieve. Customizable views and customizable code output are provided.

Also the full support for PowerShell, VBScript, KiXtart and AutoIt is provided.

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