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Personal Journaling Program

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The purpose of PerfectJournal for Windows is to create a powerful personal journaling program but also provide a solution that has the ability to publish RSS/XML files that can be used on the popular blogging web sites. PerfectJournal changes the way you capture, manage keyword and store critical thoughts and information.

The second important feature is for bloggers. The reason for adding this feature is that the users are often required to create all these journal entries directly on the blogging site and they may not want to publish that time of information there. There has even been a recent case where a really large blogging site just shut down and went out of business and all of the subscribers lost an extensive number of journal entries. Our goal is to capture these journal entries and allow users to select and publish at their leisure.


PerfectJournal is packed with a great number of features

  • Full HTML editor included with support of stylesheets.
  • Full support of Windows themes. Changing theme on you computer you can be sure that PerfectJournal will look according the new theme you setup.
  • Capture all your notes in one place.
  • Tab based interface to easily move between notes.
  • Can automatically recall your previously worked-on documents.
  • Build your own Keyword list to apply to notes.
  • Build your own logical Folder structure for the storage of your notes.
  • Rate your notes and sort on those ratings.
  • Automatically assigns keywords to notes based on your keyword list.
  • Build folder structure for all your notes.
  • View all notes entered based on time line.
  • Associate images to notes.
  • Automatic Spell Check like you see in other applications.
  • Publish to your journal entries.
  • Works and acts like Microsoft Office programs.
  • Publish your notes directly to RSS, Microsoft Word or your Email Program.
  • Works on Windows 98, 2000, 2003 and XP. Must have the .NET framework 1.1 installed.
  • Editor Preview Area containing associated images, keywords, flags and document rating along with who and when worked with the document.
  • Ability to group documents by folders, date of creation and keywords.
  • Small note sheet like application allowing to compose and store a thought with a couple of clicks.


The program leverages the .NET platform. It is written with C#.NET, XML, XHTML, RSS, Windows Forms, SandBar, FireBird database engine and .NET v1.1.

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