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Chase the Ace - Android geo location game

Within its advertising campaign the poker-room bwin offered its customers an iPhone application game - Chase the Ace. Enterra was given a task to develop the same application on the Android platform.

This application allows customers to take part in the games, the primary goal of which is capturing and holding the Ace of Spades up to the end of the game.

Territory and time for each game are restricted. Initially players have to collect one of each suit and after that they can capture the Ace. The Cards are positioned in different locations of the playground and the player’s position is identified by GPS. For each collected card the player gets bonuses defined by the rules and can share personal achievements through Facebook and Twitter.

It takes a player only to get the location next to the card to pick it up and be on time to push the button.

The player becomes the winner if the Ace of Spades is held at the moment the game ends.

With our experience in Google maps and GPS we gladly started on this project. We split the project into three phases.

Within the first phase the game logic, work with maps and application settings were implemented. As the result we got the operating application ready for testing.

The second phase was designated by a series of improvements related to identification of the player's and cards' position. Our task was to increase the accuracy of the coordinates used and keep them true since the primary application functionality dealt with geographical coordinates. Unlike iPhone where this functionality implemented on the level of the operating system we had to develop our own system of GPS data acquisition and handling. As the result we managed to achieve the specified accuracy of coordinates and keep them on the required level of relevance.

The third phase included development of data exchange between the application and the game server. On the one hand the application permanently required geo data for cards' and opponents' position, the server required location data for the user. On the other hand the game process implied the use of the mobile Internet rather than wi-fi points that caused some restrictions to the size and frequency of transmitted data and in some cases required asynchronous data exchange.

Together with our client we worked out and implemented the scheme that took into consideration all the restrictions and at the same time allowed the application to have all relevant data.

After completion of testing the application has been delivered to the client and now published on the Android Market

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