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About Us

Get a print version is a web site for professional aircraft sales and acquisition company. Thus the system should be a useful tool to sell aircrafts to the company's customers.

Primary system functionality:

  • Provision of the company information (company bio, holders, staff & etc.)
  • Company news and subscription services
  • Listing of marketed planes with detailed descriptions and photos
  • Support of the acquisition form to help prospects buy the aircraft
  • PlaneFinder: step-by-step wizard which helps customer find a proper aircraft based on selected parameters
  • Sales section and "Get estimate" form to help clients sell their old planes
  • Aircraft comparison tool for detailed comparison of two selected aircrafts
  • Number of valuable resources: budget calculator, recent transactions list, links and articles and etc

The system has a handy CMS for management of all system content and listings. Also the back-end subsystem supports mass uploading of planes listing and data.

The system works on LAMP platform (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) and compatible (including back-end) with almost all browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera, Safari, Netscape and so on).

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