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The purpose of the project is to develop a low cost hardware platform for VoIP and multimedia to replace complex and high-cost personal computers for home and office. The device has been positioned as "ready-to-use", i.e. it can be purchased by a non-technical person, switch it on and everything will be working with no need for a technical specialist assistance.


If you played poker at least once you certainly wondered whether there exists the opportunity to estimate your chances of winning beforehand.

Enterra faced the challenge to create the application that would carry out above mentioned tasks and thus would allow players to estimate chances of winning in Texas Hold'em and Omaha poker. It was also supposed that the interface of such application should provide easement and quickness of the information regarding players’ cards input.

What is “Public court”?

This is a virtual possibility to decide real problems. The application is available in Apple Store and Google Play.


The PixPuzzle is an excellent tool for memory training.


Rambler-News allows readers to get all news of the day. News is gathered automatically from the materials given by partners.


The Real-time Productivity Reporting System is destined to collect data in the real-time on production processes and with further report generating. Via a common desktop client, the user can view and edit productivity data, update employee information, update runtime configuration information and run reports. RTPRS represents a set of screens that allow entering data extremely fast.


Report Sharp-Shooter for Silverlight is a native Silverlight 4 component designed to create and view reports in Silverlight applications. Its goal is to extended abilities for delivering reports via the Internet. It combines benefits of desktop and browser applications.


Rocketpool is the leading provider of free office pools online. Providing all the classic office pools online, Rocketpool makes it easy for friends and co-workers to have fun creating an office pool while following their favorite sports and office activities. Office pools are fun and now hassle free with our selection of pre-populated templates.


Admin Script Editor (ASE) is an Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) which goes far beyond simple script editing. With Admin Script Editor, user can easily generate script code using powerful wizards, access intuitive help at every turn, package scripts for deployment and the list goes on.

“Sea Battle: Confrontation” is a classic Battleship guessing game extended with ability to play via Wi-Fi/Bluetooth network, single-user mode, using S Pen or finger for gameplay management, ships auto-placing, the Hall of Fame, stunning sounds and additional weapons. More...
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