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About Us

Social responsibility

Enterra takes an active stand in working and collaborating with gifted young people. The company's policy is directed toward the support of the talented students who have considerable achievements in mathematics and programming.

As one of the methods of financial incentives Enterra pays nominal scholarships: the students of Altai State Technical University who successfully participate in the competitions of different levels receive nominal scholarships for outstanding achievements.

Enterra has also initiated the organization of the Barnaul PM Community, the club of .NET developers and web developers club. Within the clubs' activity regular meetings are held, topical IT news is discussed, the members share their opinions and experience.

Besides all this Enterra organizes different seminars and meetings in the company's office as well as in Altai State Technical University.



Downunder Geo Solutions

Of the 12 entrants, only 3 were able to produce something in the alotted time. It is to you three I address this email. It was not an easy problem and if I were on your end I think I would have felt just a touch intimidated (and excited of course) by the requirements. I wish I could give you all the...

By Tim de Boer, IT Lead

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