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"We are committed to providing our Customers with excellent software solutions.
We can handle everything - complex business, mobile, game, web applications and present perfect result at the end," Dmitry Starostenkov, CEO
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About Us

Work Environment

We work in the modern office equipped with:

  • small rooms, without a hint of the open space;
  • up-to-date computers and monitors;
  • air-conditioners;
  • coolers, a fridge, coffee machines and microwaves.

We believe that efficient work is hardly possible without good rest, so our office is provided with a special recreation room where we have:

  • darts;
  • table football;
  • table hockey;
  • large TV set;
  • XBox with Kinect

Our company carefully treats the employees' health - every Wednesday we play football or volleyball in the gym.

We have 40-hour long working week, 100% paid sick-list, we provide annual 28-day long vacation.

Contact our HR manager - Ksenia and she will organize an unforgettable excursion around our office and will tell you about the company.

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Radius Inc.

I find that Enterra quite expertly works within any given project time constraints. I find that any issue i had even had over the years of working together had solely been due to my lack of formulating exactly what I was looking for, so i do suggest that the better the info you give them, the better...

By Gregory Gibbons

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